Search - select all - delete - (rm -rf)

  1. Join Folder X
  2. Search for x.y
  3. “Select All”
  4. Delete
    ALL files are deleted in folder X. There is a post from Dez.'16. Why is this bug still there?

The problem is, that do not only delete the files which you saw as search result and then selected, but you delete every file, even those that where not shown (due to the search) and not selected.

Not sure why it isn’t fixed. Did you test with latest NC version 13.0.1?

For sure. Stable uptodate A+

There are so many to do all the time. I see Nextcloud more then v0.13 as v13.

Yesterday it was 2nd time i delete all my files, but could restore from trash.

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I already argued on Github that this is a serious issue. It’s planned for NC14 right now:

Maybe you can assist to prioritize this more, if you report your last experiences with this issue there as well.