Search Opens File or Downloads. Kewl, New, but is it configurable?

I’m going to guess that I am the one that didn’t mind the old search behavior (search for a file and then click it to go to the folder and put it in the center of the page). I don’t really mind that much it now tries to download or open the file in the an editor (e.g, unrecognized extension gets downloaded whereas txt gets opened).

But the old behavior was preferable.

Is this feature configurable? I can’t seem to find any docs or references and the behavior changed when I upgraded to the latest (from NC 20?? to NC 22Pretty sure).


Now at “22.2.0”

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Check against nextcloud server github. That will be the place to find out.

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Not currently configurable as a behavior. Seems like it was done as a better flow, but I filed an enhancement request and we will see.

Leave this here in case someone else feels the same and they can vote it up, but search field scroll to versus search filed open selection