Search only in folders below based on my location

Next Cloud: 18
OS : Ubuntu 18.04
Nginx : 1.14
php : 7.2

For example, if the folder structure is as below and my location is C,
Search for “nextcloud.txt” in location C.
At this point, I want “nextcloud.txt” to be printed on D, E, and F below C, including C.
“nextcloud.txt” in A and B may be output, but we hope that the “nextcloud.txt” file in D,E, and F will come out first.

I searched hard, but I couldn’t find anything that supports the function, is there a way?

No, unfortunately not. Several open feature requests already exist to improve the search experience.

Thank you. j-ed
Can you tell me a few links that have been released?

Here you find the link to the Nextcloud server repository which contains the mentioned feature requests:

Thank you. j-ed
I’ll look it up in the link you shared.