Search inside folders in Nextcloud

I am using the latest version of Nextcloud, and I have a question about searching files into a specific folder.

I want to search only inside a folder but the result includes everything (Like Global Search).

Pls any recommendation on how to solve it ? Thank you

Go into the Folder you are looking for and search. Nextcloud sorts the results inside the folder at the top, and the rest with a path below the results outside the folder . Focus on the result at the top, don’t look at the others :wink:

Thank you @sambilanet, Yes you are right but these happen only when the file is in the same folder. What about searching inside folders ( folders inside folder) ?

Example: Lets suppose that we have a hierarchical structure of folders from 1 to 5.
I want to search on folder 3 that has 2other folders inside it.

When i search for a file it appear only the file on folder 3. The other files are mixed and not sorted. These is my problem. I want to find on my search all files in folder 3,4 and 5. ( Like explorer on windows)

So is that possible?

We are not alone:

The request for this topic is already done.

So if your data is synchronised user your operation system as Windows, Linux and Mac support this kind of search. Good Luck :slight_smile:

Check the Nextcloud Hub 20 and the new search function… :heart_eyes:

Nextcloud Hub 20

See on youtube

IMHO new search function is very slow and not working with groupfolders

BTW… group folders has just indexed (all).
The search in the screenshoot above lasted about 2 min and did not founf the file.

Via webdav the file is found in few seconds