Search for tags in Hub 7


after update to Nextcloud 28.0.3 it seems that there is no possibility to search for tags?! In version 27 it was possible to search for combinations of tags. Now this textfield for search is missing.

I’ve also tried to use the search function. But if I enter the name of a tag nothing is found. Or do I have to use a special format/syntax to search for tags?

Are you talking about in the Unified Search or in FTS?

In Unified Search tags are searched automatically.

Maybe you can post a screenshot or clarify steps to reproduce what you’re experiencing.


many thanks for your reply.
You‘re right. I tried it again and it is working now. Strange, cause until today it wasn‘t working…Anyway.

What‘s still not working is if I click on „All tagged …“ in the results the root folder is appearing. But I wanted to view all files with the certain tag.

Also combining tags are not possible now?! That was possible on version 27. I could search for more than one tag and get result with all the files which match the searched tags.