Seamless SMB as primary storage

Hello all so im trying to see if this is possible to do. I want to have Nextcloud only use my Windows share for primary storage and it work seamlessly so that users dont see the external smb folder mounted in nextcloud. Is there a way to do this i have been digging around but cant seem how to get this accomplished.

I’m a bit confused…you make it sound like you want 2 different things here:

  1. Nextcloud ONLY uses SMB storage that is seamless (as in, no one can tell you are using SMB as your storage area because it is seamless with Nextcloud)
  2. You want users to see the external SMB folder in Nextcloud, therefore, no longer making it primary storage, because it’d then give users another option

I assume you want the first option, since that is seamlessly making SMB primary storage. In that case, you’ll have to use cifs-utils to create a mountpoint somewhere on your Linux server and ensure the www user can do read/write operations on the SMB share you choose to mount. Then you’ll have to make sure it is your data dir in the Nextcloud config.php file