SD card copy fail

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I want to update my NCP, therefore I try to backup my SD card previously as strongly suggested. I tried with Win32Imager as recommended on different sites, but it seems it doesn’t work.

When I put in the original card Windows tells me, that the card needs to be formatted. I did not! Then I choose the path from Win32Imager but I see just 4 kernel images and one overlay folder.

Will I change the view to all files, there are more files. Anyhow, I have no idea, how to manage the correct reading of the SD card to become able to back it up correctly.

If I just copy/paste the content from the old to the new SD card, the new card won’t be accepted by the Raspi. It doesn’t start up.

Where do my brain stucks? Any idea?

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The Raspberry Pi SD card contains multiple partitions.

The boot partition is formatted so that it is accessible via MS Windows. However, the rest of the files reside in a Linux filesystem, and will not be accessible via MS Windows.

If you want to backup the SD card using MS Windows, you’ll need to find an application that will perform a low level bit copy.

I haven’t used MS Windows at all since about 2005… so, I don’t know what tools are available for bit copy type operations…

However, here’s a randomly found article on some utilities that might do the trick:

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Don’t make any changes of any kind to the card in Windows. What you’re seeing isn’t everything that’s on it.

Run your Win32Imager program to make a full binary copy of the card, and save the card image as your backup. You could then overwrite the card with this saved image later to set it back how it was.

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Run your Win32Imager program to make a full binary copy of the card, and save the card image as your backup.

That’s my problem, I don’t know how this work.


I cannot select kind of a file or folder. If I push the folder button I need to select a file. One file, not all. As long as I don’t select something, I cannot press read button.

So, how does it work, making binary copy with Win32DiskImager?

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You don’t have to select a file on your SD-CARD there. You would coose the location, where the image file of the SD-CARD, which you have selected under “Datenträger”, will be saved.

Here is a tutorial on how to do it… How to Clone Raspberry Pi SD Card on Windows, Linux and macOS

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I can set a file name, right? That’s why my brain stumbles… I will give it a shot… I will get back after.

Solution: not a technical issue, lack of knowledge instead.

Thank you so much…

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