Scss support dropped with Nextcloud 25 ⚠️

A heads-up regarding a breaking change for Nextcloud 25.
For technical debt as well as performance reasons, we removed the ScssCacher from server (leading to a reduction of 80 DB request per load without redis and without counting all the following requests to the svg coloring api) [1]

This means you cannot use scss anymore in your apps.
This will lead you to three options:

  1. Your app is already using a bundler, then make sure to
    include your scss within your js entry
  2. Else add a manual step to compile your scss with sass like
    server is doing [2]
  3. Moving back to a simple and basic css

Unfortunately, this also lead to the removal of the icon-color api, that some of you might have been using.

  1. As much as possible, please use the material design icons [3]
    as they immediately adapt the theme’s colours and are accessibility
  2. For other icons, feel free to ask and discuss how we can best
    tackle this.

Feel free to come and ping me or anyone else on the server team for assistance!
Cheers :blush:

[1] Remove SCSSCacher and compile scss files with npm-sass by skjnldsv · Pull Request #32261 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
[2] server/package.json at dcf25d6c7716daa08eb6af07a720c0a0b7b6eda6 · nextcloud/server · GitHub
[3] vue-material-design-icons - npm