Script to insert à list of users

We have to manage several lists of users. Due to the fact that for some lists the number of user can be larger than 100. We would like to avoid to add them manually and prefer to add them via an sql script and csv files containing the requested data.

My question is which tables as minimum is requested to update to add new users in order that they would be able to log in nextcloud and use the apps that are already installed ?

Same question but now to insert some of these users in several groups of user which share a group directory.

I hope that my question and context are clear enough.

Thanks a lot in advance.

You should do that with the Nextcoud occ command:

Thanks you very much this is exactly what wee need !!!
I will investigate this solution, I didn’t find these commands even after a (bad) search on internet

It might be worth to have a look on this tool: