Screenshotmachine - Invalid key

Since some time the rendering of the thumbnails is broken. I want to use screenshotmachine, which seems to work fine. Unfortunately there is no documentation.
I would be curious how a proper api key for screenshotmachine looks like?
I’ve tried several combinations like the whole string or just the key itself, but i don’t get it to work again …

Thank you

That may be a bug. I’ll investigate

Thank you, but still no difference after my last update.
I’m receiving always the screenshot machine “invalid key” picture only.
And i’m still not sure, if my api key is correct? Is it the “customer api key” - here a code like xXXXXx or is it something like “key=xXXXXx&dimension=1024x768”?

Which version are you running now?

The expected value to be entered in the settings is only the API key, no additional parameters.