Screen flashing with firefox on win 10

have not had chance to test other browsers except IE 11, but this did not happen with owncloud
when clicking a menu like files/documents/etc screen flashes a few then stabilizes.
seems to be firefox (47) related and hardware acceleration on/off does not make difference.
have not had chance to test it with firefox 47 on win7 or server 2008r2 and 2012r2 yet.

pc using that I see it on is win 10 firefox 47 redeon HD7700 vid card.

I just tried to replicate this behaviour and did not recognize any notably flashing in my Firefox 47.
Which version of Nextcloud are you using? 9.0.50 or one of the daily releases?

I am wondering about an add-on I’ll start disabling some extensions and see
it also may be specific to win 10 and amd drivers.
radeon 16.6.1 software

I’m also using Radeon Software 16.6.1, but Windows 7. So it could be a Windows issue.

think its win 10 related even with all extensions disabled in firefox it can do it.
IE not an issue
owncloud 9.x not an issue either so its something in nextcloud that firefox on win10 does not like