Scheduled jobs for recognize after fresh install

I would like to know, does recognize run his scan automatically by itself ? or do we need to schedule job in scheduler (like cron) ? If we need to schedule them ourself, wich ones ?
occ recognize:recrawl ??
occ recognize:cluster-faces ??

For the moment, my fresh install does not scan anything. Before trying run many job manually, I would like the optimal way/sequence/automation.

Many thanks

Recognize should schedule its own jobs automatically and they are run through Nextcloud’s cron.php. You can check the table oc_jobs in the database for recognize-related jobs, if there is nothing in there, you can run occ recognize:recrawl which will schedule all necessary jobs for a full scan in the background.

Thanks, with your comment, I reviwed the doc and find how to use the cron.php file.
Seems to work, thanks again