does not honor as current

I updated several instances and scanned them through Although at latest version, the scan shows " NOT on latest patch level", e.g. for my test server.

I reported a similar issue some years ago. Beta version should be marked as such (“beta channel”) but they should not be reported as “not current”.

I would have opened an issue for that, but I did not find out where I would need to open that – where is the repo for

Nextcloud version:
Operating system and version: Arch (current)
NGINX version: 1.18.0
PHP version: 7.4 (and 8.0)

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check the date of the scan ?
I had similar problem, with test server answering old version + old test date
For me it worked and reported right version only when I reopened ports 80+443 that are usually closed, and re-check.
As we can not specify for the scan a port to use, I assume the standard ones are to be available :wink:

I agree that it would be nice if the beta versions were recognized as such, and the test would be updated as soon as a new version of Nextcloud gets released. On the other hand, it is just a cosmetic issue. If everything is green except the version check, you can imagine, that you would have an A+ rating. The rest of the tests is still as acurate as such a test can be, and that is what should matter anyways, not the rating at the top of the page :wink: