Saving recipe additional instruction not working

Hi, when I create a recipe, I have to add a least two instructions in order for the first one to be saved, the last one is never saved. Then, again, later, I have to add two more instructions so that the first one is saved, and still not the last one? Is this app still maintained, or subjected to lots of bugs? This is my second issue reported in less than 10 minutes. Thank you for your help.

Yes, I am maintaining the cookbook app.

So, let me understand your problem. You create a recipe from scratch, right? Then you want to have instructions. How many should be there?

If you have a recipe as expected, what happens? Instructions do not get saved? Is there a pattern? What version are you on (both server as well as cookbook)? Can you describe in more detail?

Eventually, we can debug on your browser. I have tested it dozens of times and not seen such an effect. So, I guess there is more than a simple bug.


Hi, thx for your prompt reply. In fact, the bug just gone, can’t reproduce it anymore. I’ll keep your suggestion for later, just in case. I shall now close the case. Thanks again.

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