Save to an activity every open/download of files


I need to log an action to the activity when user opens or downloads a file. Logging must be performed when user opens/downloads file via web interface, and/or via webdav.
A plugin which I found interesting is files_downloadactivity. The plugin saves info to the user’s activity (to the user who shared a file with other user) when other user downloads the file.
Is it possible to save every action of open/download files (and download of folder also) to the activity? I’m trying to write plugin for this functionality, so every discussion or help on this topic is more than welcomed :slight_smile:
(I’m using Nextcloud 17)



the app you mentioned does exactly this - an activity is created every time the file is opened or downloaded. This also works with public share links.

Yes, but I need to save every download of files placed in group folders and to save to activity for each user assigned to a group folder (group folder plugin). I’ve done it by creating a new plugin. Thanks for reply anyway :slight_smile:

Hey Milos,
I’m basically stuck at the same point. :wink:
Do you mind sharing how you resolved it? Did you write an all new app or did you fork the Activity app?
Would really appreciate any insights!
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Check out the admin audit app: