Save Jitsi meeting recordings to Nextcloud

Continuing the discussion from Jitsi Integration in Nextcloud Talk:

I’m looking into how to add Jitsi meeting recordings to Nextcloud directly. The work will need to be done on the Jitsi end for the most part.
Here is code for Jibri, which records to Dropbox via Oauth.

And then there is a type that is passed to jibri which you can use to recognize dropbox to the other recording and you can take it from there.
Here are all the hooks

You could have your Jitsi server copy the recordings to a WebDAV mount through Nextcloud.

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Just a note here, that script does not save to NC, what it does is extend External Storage feature of NC to the storage location of the recordings.

What I did was to mount a WebDAV directory directly in the Jibri servers to store the recordings directly into the NC storage instead.

I used the info from these 2 locations

At which point to you authenticate at nextcloud? It is easy to mount a share for one nextcloud user, but then all recordings can be accessed only by that user.

What we need is an authentication dialogue, similar to when storing your recording to dropbox. Then users would give their credentials and find only their own recordings.