Save data from external drive (not to an external drive)

I’ve just installed a NextCloud instance on my online server - everything works well.

My main datas I want to sync with NC are on an external drive. I want to sync the entire external drive content (so, let’s say, the D:\ drive). The drive is not empty at all :slight_smile:
Before making any mistake, I want to be sure I have understood what I need to do, so that I activate this synchronization without losing any data:

  • to install the desktop synchronisation app [done - Win 10]
  • to connect the app to my server [works well]
  • to choose what folder to sync and how - and this is where I am confused
  • should I choose both options:
  • sync data from server
    AND - the local folder is not empty. Keep all datas

or should I do another way?

Thanks for your help!

the safe way is is to add data to an empty Nextcloud folder, otherwise there is a risk of data loss (server is expected to be a master).

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Thanks a lot for your answer and I am happy to have checked this point before doing anything!