Save as pdf from md text or notes?

I like the text (.md files) editor in NC. I would like to save those files as pdf, so I can print them, or use elsewhere. Is this possible? I haven’t found an app for it.

You can convert LibreOffice to PDF with the app Automated PDF conversion

But i think there is no app for .md to .pdf . Perhaps you can open an issue.
Also you can download .md-file and use an online md-to-pdf-converter and re-upload.

Thanks. That didn’t work, perhaps because I couldn’t get collabora to work properly either. Download would lose the images in the text. Anyway, I’ll live with this :slight_smile: I just really like the simplicity of the standard text editor. Slightly wysiwyg, still md. I’d like table support before print support though.

From the NextCloud MD editor you can directly use the browser function “print to PDF”.

Providing an alternative stylesheet “print.css” that would completely hide the header would make this view save some space in the header though.

Or alternatively use the Markdown Preview Plus browser extension, that displays your source MD files with eyecandy, and print to PDF from the browser.

If your browser has not print to PDF function you can usually install a virtual PDF printer (Web2PDF for android, stock for linux, clawPDF for windows,…)

Thanks for this! I’d never thought about that but I see there are several Markdown viewer plugins for Firefox too. I’ll experiment, this may fit my needs.

So I tried Markdown Viewer Webext and this solves my problem!

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