Sanity check on file list

Hi all

I have a nextcloud server ( running on Debian Buster with a few clients, like mine, macOS 10.15.3 with nextcloud 2.6.3stable (build 20200217). After some disk problems or otherwise, some files are missing in the filesystem on the server. This is mostly a minor, since the important stuff is elsewhere, but still, I get these error messages when I try to sync up a client. As far as I can see, this interrupts the sync, making it very hard to use it for anything good.

Server svarte [replied] “503 Service Unavailable” til “GET https://censored/remote.php/dav/files/roy/Direkteopplasting/Camera/2017/12/20171230 133848.jpg”

If I enter the webui and remove the missing file from there, it works. The error message, however, only gives me a single file (or perhaps a few, it varies) instead of a list of missing files.

Is it possible somehow to run a job to check if each file in the database actually exist and do whatever’s proper to fix the problem based on this? I tried to look at occ maintenance, but it doesn’t seem to have anything relevant.

Thanks for any help.


…or if there isn’t such a check already, where in the database should I look for the files? I could remove them from there manually