SAML SSO App - Automate the config

Dear NextCloud community,
Thank you for all the features and making NextCloud really cool solution.

I am trying to totally automate NextCloud using Docker and Ansible. Everything is going good so far but SAML/SSO app has my stumped. I can configure SSO with no problems and works very well with our SSO Google Service.

Basically I am looking for a way to prepopulate the fields in this app’s configuration page.

App name:
SSO & SAML authentication


Or simply copying over configuration file required for this app from my local system.

I have in particular tried using config commands with not much luck.

Config commands

config:app:get - Get an app config value

config:app:set - Set an app config value
config:import - Import a list of configs
config:list - List all configs

Any advice would be greatly appreciated and some example commands or example jsonf file.

Thank you in advance.

I have similar question. But I want to say it might be hard.
I use Authentik and Nextcloud for SSO within same docker-compose(GitHub - a3linux/homecloud-docker: HomeCloud services with docker compose),
the both sides are hard to do the configuration automation as too much information too exchange each other.
I still want to try according to your mentioned here.

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