SAML Pains - What am I missing?

We are trying to get SAML to work on the community edition.

We now know that until LDAP is turned on we will not get the oc_user_saml_users related tables to show in the DB, we do not use LDAP so I then disabled LDAP. We have the SAML app setup for a shibboleth server info and “Indicates whether the samlp:AuthnRequest messages sent by this SP will be signed.” is signed is checked. We now can see the login screen again but it appears to never check shibboleth for an account. What am I missing? The log shows only a login attempt but does not try and check the shibboleth for an account.


Found that it does not work in the 9.0.53 version so downloaded git master branch 11.0 (Alpha) and it does work.