SAML / Desktop App errors

I have NC13.0.1 installed and connected to Azure AD using the user_saml App. User log in to the web interface, as well as Android App using AD credentials is working, but the desktop app (on MacOS) is giving an error when attempting to authenticate the user. The error is"

The authenticated request to the server was redirected to ‘…&originalUrl=’. The URL is bad, the server is misconfigured.

Anyone got the desktop app to work using SAML?

Hi Hburke,

I have the same issue just like yours. did you find a way to resolve it ?

if you do, could you please share it with me also ?

Thank you :smiley:


I have a similar issue with SAML and Desktop Client. I use ADSF for SSO & SAML authentication. In web it works fine. But when start Nextcloud Desktop Client, fill in the server address and click Next I see a white box and nothing happens.


When I workaround an create the %localappdata%\Nextcloud\nextcloud.cfg manually with following content:


I get following:

Where’s the catch?

How did you get it connected to Azure AD? This is whats keeping my team up at night … Can you provide me information on this? We would be really thankful. Best Enno

Hi Enno!

I’ve connected Nextcloud SAML to our internel ADFS Server. Try this guide:


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Hi Wadim,

thank your very much for the help. I´ll try it out and let you know if I succeed :slight_smile:

Best, Enno