Same shares name issue

Hi everybody,

I am trying to find a way to share directories with same folders inside but make users know to which directory the folder belongs :

for the moment it looks like this:

|SHARE X| - |folder a|
----------------------------------- bob sees: ---- | folder a| - | folder a(1)|
|SHARE Y| - |folder a|

How can bob identify that folder a (1) belongs to SHARE Y and so on ?

We are sharing with multiple companies multiple folders from different projects but the structure of the directories is the same for every single project and we never share the root directory of the project which is the one with the project’s name.

Any ideas would be appreciated

  1. Use app Configurable Share Links - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud


  1. use name for top folder e.g. “folder 1 - subfolder 2”

thanks for reply.

We are sharing with nextcloud users not with share link. so custom tokens won’t apply for that as there is no links. Users connect to nextcliud and see what is shared with them
Also, we can’t change folders name and/or folder/subfolder hierarchy as the shares are from samba conected to server. the hierachy of the server has been there for years.

Maybe i wrote it to short or wrong for my 2. use name for top folder e.g. “folder 1 - subfolder 2”

Your setting:

|SHARE X| - |folder a|
----------------------------------- bob sees: ---- | folder a| - | folder a(1)|
|SHARE Y| - |folder a|

Rename “folder a” to “SHARE X - folder a”

New settting:

|SHARE X| - |SHARE X folder a|
----------------------------------- bob sees: ---- | SHARE X folder a| - | SHARE Y folder a(1)|
|SHARE Y| - |SHARE Y folder a|

The disadvantage may be that it doesn’t look so nice for you. as the folder name now appears twice for you. Perhaps something can still be achieved within Group folders.

That is ok if you can change folder a. But then you have the problem that you see the name twice internally. Unfortunately, I don’t know whether this is a problem for you internally.

Thanks for your help.
Unfortunately folders internaly can’t be change.
the structure / hierarchy of folders is static and has to be always the same internally. It is at the nextcloud level for nextcloud users that we need to be able to make it appear differently.
I am looking at group folder, it could be a way to achieve our goal.

Some goals are simply not compatible. Software like Nextcloud can’t help that either. With Group folders, you can build a nice structure that looks identical for all users and where sub-areas are missing for some groups. However, this only works if you start from scratch and don’t try to build on an old structure.

If you use CIFS, for example, you should probably stick with it. Even switching to Microsoft 365 doesn’t really work or simply looks different. With Nextcloud it looks even worse. But the mistake is actually that you are not ready to leave CIFS in your head. And yes, maybe that’s true. Just take a look at NFS on Linux Desktops. What ingenious, 40-year-old software. Microsoft 365 and Nextcloud will probably never achieve this level of reliability.