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I have installed NextCloud on my webhosting, we are a group of 10 students. Having common projects, information to send each other how can we all have the same files regardless of user? I mean, when one of us uploads, deletes or edits a file/files, does it appear the same for all of us?

I am waiting for an answer, thank you!

Two options come to mind:

  1. An admin or one of the users could share one or multiple folders with all users or a group of users. These folders can then be used collectively by the users with whom they have been shared with.

  2. You can create one or more folders with the app Groupfolders, These folders will then appear in all user accounts, respectively in the accounts of a defined group of users.

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My recommendation to make this work flawlessly from now and forever is to use the first example:
Create a “serviceaccount” so you have a Nextcloud user not representing a real user. Call it for example:


Create a Nextcloud Group called “Project A”.

Login as the user “projectA”. Create a folder. Share it with the nextcloud group “Project A” with all rights. Then you dont have to do anything else than to change ProjectA password to something overly long and random and activate MFA for that user, and you never has to bother login as that user again.

All other users members of the group “Project A” will now have the shared folder in their files root, where they can create subfolders, set tags, create and modify anything.

I use this setup in a much more complex way.
I have a user called “Shares” (no that is not its actual name, but it could have been).
On this user I created a folder I shared with Admin group with full rights. Then as Admin I creates sub folders in that one shared folder, where I shares those subfolders with dedicated groups.

I COULD have solved this by creating a folder under the Admin user for this purpose instead of a dedicated user, but for security reasons I rather not use the builtin Admin user for anything. My own personal user is also in the Admin group, so this way I can manage the solution.