Salesforce Bridge: Donation sync between Paypal & Salesforce

We are running our own non-profit organization and I solved one of the annoying tasks with a little app in Nextcloud:
to check Paypal on a daily basis for new incoming donations => Check Salesforce for existing contacts => enter opportunities/payments …

There are paid solutions on the market to perform these task.
But on the one hand, they cost quite some money which you rather use in your non-profit. Or on the other hand, they are processing personal data in worldwide data-centers.

The app is not public yet. It depends on the feedback if others are also interested in this feature

This automation bridges the gap between Paypal and the Salesforce solution for non-profit organizations.

All Paypal transactions like donations or payments will be automatically syncronized with the Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP).
New Contacts/Accounts will be crated if not existing. New Opportunities will be created or updated (recurring donations).

The job can be run in the background and will notify the user if new transactions are available in Paypal.



  • No customer data is stored (data privacy)
  • Paypal: Read transaction history
  • Salesforce: Create Household/Organization accounts
  • Salesforce: Create Opportunities/Payments/Allocations
  • Salesforce: Update Opportunities (of recurring donations)
  • Simulation mode before updating
  • Automated search for new transactions via Nextcloud background job
  • Nextcloud Notifications for new transactions


  • Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)
  • API user in Saleforce
  • oAuth “connected app” in Salesforce enabled
  • API user in Paypal

if you are also interested, please let me know.
Further details can be found here

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Is this still operating?


yes, it is. we are doing it daily to sync out bank & paypal.
Interested in it?

I am! I’m a bit new to this (nextcloud) platform, so I’m not sure how to navigate exploring this more. Our organization is new (~1 year) to Salesforce and we don’t have developer support, I’m sort of learning as I go. Is this a package that can be installed or is it developer code that I would implement?

the question is what your org is doing.

If you have Salesforce + track your donations in SF (as opportunities) + receiving donations via Paypal

…then this integration can help.
how are you doing it currently?

We have Salesforce but are not actively tracking donations in SF currently because of the disconnect between systems. Right now I have to import donation information, so I’ve imported a dataset of past donations as Opportunities, but I’d like an affordable automated solution that can put this data in front of our fundraising team more actively so we can start using Salesforce more effectively for this purpose. We receive donation via Paypal as well as via donor-advised funds.


feel free to get in direct contact at sfbridge -at-