SalesAgility and Nextcloud announce SuiteCRM integration collaboration

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At the last Nextcloud Conference, we announced a wide range of integration efforts, many of which we delivered already as part of Nextcloud 20. We said more was to come, and indeed efforts have continued with various partners to deepen integration and build new integrations. Today, we are happy to announce that in collaboration with CRM provider SalesAgility, we developed Nextcloud integration with SuiteCRM.

This integration gives Nextcloud users a CRM dashboard widget displaying upcoming activities from SuiteCRM. Users can also receive SuiteCRM notifications from inside Nextcloudand are able to directly search on key SuiteCRM modules including Account, Contacts and Leads.

A great match

Nextcloud and SalesAgility share a strong belief in putting the customer and user firmly in control. SuiteCRM and Nextcloud are released under open source licenses allowing users to protect their digital sovereignty and have the freedom to host on-premise or opt for cloud hosting.

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SalesAgility launched Suite CRM and offers other open source CRM offerings including SuiteCRM:OnDemand and SuiteASSURED. It’s innovative technology offers clients a crucial 360-degree view of their customer base, enabling them to understand customer habits and tailor marketing activity accordingly. It is a truly open source business, with transparency, flexibility and collaboration at its core, and has ambitious plans to become the world’s most adopted CRM system.

Dale Murray, CEO at SalesAgility said:

Our vision is to transform the CRM market by creating a powerful, flexible and user focused open-source solution. SuiteCRM provides users with a central repository for all customer data enabling key insights that can be used to enhance and nurture business relationships. By building relationships with technologies such as Nextcloud we are not only enhancing the productivity of our customers but working with communities who share our vision and value of giving customers full control over their data and systems.

Frank Karlitschek, Founder and CEO at Nextcloud GmbH said:

Our customers are looking for a great user experience from their content collaboration platform, empowering users to access and work with their data and communicate wherever they are. Nextcloud enterprises optimize the productivity of their teams while keeping data secure and integrating with a variety of other technologies. The integration with SuiteCRM enables our users to access crucial customer data directly from within their collaboration environment. Connecting in such a way with fellow open source communities multiplies the benefits of open ecosystems for our mutual customers.

The integration app is available from the Nextcloud app store and is available for the recently released Nextcloud 20 software. Customers interested in this, the SuiteCRM and Nextcloud integration, can contact SalesAgility or Nextcloud GmbH to find out more.

Love the concept… can’t seem to integrate with NCHub 20.0.7 on a shared hosted server. My NextCloud works well,, and the installation of SuiteCRM ( Version 7.11.18 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344) works well, NDL360Life Demo SuiteCRM.

Can’t seem to get the OAuth2 connection from within the NCHub SuiteCRM App to connect.

The admin “Connected Accounts” finds everything (URL, ID and Secret) but cannot get the user “Connected Accounts” to find the SuiteCRM user… alows err500 server not found.

Any ideas of what is missing? I’ve never been successful with this so I imagine it is my fault not the software… just don’t know how to use the “app” and “OAuth”