Сайт не открывается

Почему сайт не работает?

Появляется сообщение “Время ожидания соединения истекло”

:frowning: Что можно сделать?

Switch to a german provider?

Barely a sustainable solution. Rather, is there a process to inquire at the appropriate authorities to lift the false positive?

Maia zhena napisala email roskomnadzoru :crossed_fingers: izvini, ya plokho govoriu po-russki.

Please, create official mirror of site for russian users.

In the not so distance future we will move the site anyway. With a new IP there’s a not so bad chance to win this lottery.

Very good news! basically 15.3 is against… You have to read it by your self… It is so stupid… Nextcloud is officially BLOCKED in RUSSIA!

Domain is not blocker, but seems colocated to other blocked resources… Or they block IPs, instead of domains to make it harder to check.

Before I was faced with a lock in Russia. Wrote to Roskomnadzor, but it is useless because they blocked not the resource itself and the range of ip addresses. They refused to change something. Wait until they cancel the restriction is useless. The only option is to change the ip of the resource.

Yup, same result here. Annoying.

Так проблема как-то решается? а то само облако в логи ошибки выдает, т.к., видимо с некстклаудом пытается связаться… Перетаскивать весь сервер в другую страну ну такое себе.

Please add support for HTTP/HTTPS/SOCKS proxy to access external resources from the server.

:uk: We moved the website to our regular hoster. Now it is served from Germany with a different IP (4+6). I hope that helps.

:ru: Мы перенесли сайт на нашего постоянного хостера. Теперь он подается из Германии с другим IP (4+6). Надеюсь, это поможет. (через Яндекс перевести)