Safe working straight at a synced folder?

Windows 10 Desktop → Nextcloud 24 server
If I open in Windows files - like Word documents, Excel and so on - there are some temporary files. Will the sync be however correct during the work at the open file or after I closed that file?
Or is it better to work “outside” the synced directories with office and copy the closed document at the end to the synced directory?
Thank you for hints!

That’s really not necessary. If the temp files are on the client’s ignore list (many are by default), then it will wait until you write out the main file and then sync it.

Otherwise, it will sync the temp files as well, which is not normally desired but probably harmless.


At least the temporary MS Office files (~$*) are.

@Herb If you run into issues with other files, which are not included by default, you can manually edit the ignore list…

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Great! Thank you for suppot!
So I’ll write straight in the Nextcloud directory - super-easy - thank you!

Thank you for the hint!

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