Safe to delete .log .db .db-shm .db-wal and .lst?

In my client root folder there are these (hidden) files:

I cant remember if those files where there in past versions of Nextcloud. Are they safe to remove or are they needed for some reason?

Perhaps they will come back if they are deleted?

If they are needed, I find it odd they are in the clients root folder instead of, for example, (in Linux)

These files also exist in Windows clients root folder…

Do you have an rsync config running e.g backup or leftover from a relocation?
If yes: check if you still need it / can disable it.
If no: check when last accessed, and if this is a suitably long time ago move them somewhere else and if after another suitable amount of time has passed with nothing breaking then consider deleting.

Or have you been playing with Nextcloud Sync? Again same as above, if you have and it’s no longer in use it’s probably safe to move them them elsewhere for safety before deleting. If Sync is in use then messing with them will almost certainly cause problems, potential data loss and risk a breach in the fabric of reality.

Of course suitable is wide open to interpretation, and if you get rid and something bad happens I disclaim everything, I wasn’t here, I didn’t say this.

I moved the files to a temp folder. As soon as I did that the client started to sync all files I have in Nextcloud and new files was created. My guess is that these files needs to be there.

Does everyone have the files I ask about in their root folder?