Safe to backup and restore /var/snap/nextcloud?

I would like to use the Nextcloud Snap on a virtual machine, and I am wondering whether it is possible to restore the entire /var/snap/nextcloud directory. My intention is to mount a directory from the host OS to /var/snap/nextcloud on the guest using VirtioFS. This way, I can backup the data and configuration automatically on the host. I have little experience with Snap, so I would like confirmation whether it is safe to do this. Does this break when I reinstall the entire VM, or a different Nextcloud Snap version is installed?

Take a look here

Or Simply copy the entire /var/snap/nextcloud folder to another drive that will also work

About your suggestion, nothing will break when you restore /var/snap/nextcloud some time in the future?

Look, I’ve been using this method for about a year and I haven’t had any problems, on the contrary I thought it was less of a problem than with the nextcloud.export command