Running occ processes from backend?


i’m new here and maybe you can help me.
I’m running a NC. Latest stable version.
Unfortunately one file within my data is corrupt. It is there but I cannot rename/delete/sync it. It’s like a zombie. Normally I’d rescan the directoy with occ command but due to my hosting provider I cannot run this. It would be so helpful to start commands like this from backend, even I know there could be PHP timing issues, etc.
I helped myself by setting the “bad” file to the ignore list and it worked well until last update of windows nextclout client. After latest update it is not ignored anymore and NC tries to sync the corrupt file which is not working :frowning:
Maybe you have an idea how to solve this issue without reinstalling and using occ from shell.
Best wishes!

There used to be the OCC web app OCC Web - Apps - App Store - Nextcloud - but it’s only available for NC18.