Running NextCloudPi on Raspbian Linux - Hostnames in /etc/hosts not resolving


I am running NextCloudPi on Raspbian Linux. I want to add some host names to my /etc/hosts file so I can run different websites off the same local ip address ( of the machine (Raspberry Pi) that nextcloudpi is installed and running on.

This is my /etc/hosts file: localhost nextcloudpi website2
::1 localhost ip6-localhost ip6-loopback
ff02::1 ip6-allnodes
ff02::2 ip6-allrouters nextcloudpi website2 website2 website3

Here is my Apache2 virtualhost file:

<VirtualHost _default_:80>

	ServerName nextcloudpi:80
	ServerAlias website2 website3

	DocumentRoot /var/www/mymovies
	ServerAdmin webmaster@localhost
	DocumentRoot /var/www/mymovies
	ErrorLog /var/www/mymovies/logs/http-error.log
	CustomLog /var/www/mymovies/logs/http-access.log combined

	<Directory /var/www/mymovies/>
	  #Require host localhost
	  #Require ip
	  #Require ip 192.168
	  #Require ip 10


When I am testing I type the url in a chrome browser on my laptop ( that is on the same lan as the raspberry pi (

http://nextcloudpi DOES resolve to the local ip of the machine nextcloudpi is installed and running on. So I get the web page in chrome browser.

However when I add new host names to /etc/hosts they are not resolved to the local ip when I use them so the same web page does not appear in a url in chrome web browser. Instead if I try: http://website3 then Chrome gives the error message: " website3 ’s server IP address could not be found"

My question then is… how come http://nextcloudpi resolves to the correct local ip address but when I add other host names into /etc/hosts they are not recognized? I’m thinking the format of my /etc/hosts file is wrong but after much googling I don’t see what is wrong with it.

Thank you,