Running NextCloud on Kubernetes cluster for university project


in a university course we got the task to setup a multi node system using Kubernetes. We got the free choice on what to use the system for. So I got the idea to setup Nextcloud, as I’m interested in the topic anyways.
In a presentation we need to show some of the features and advantages of using a multi node system. Are there any compute intensive features in Nextcloud, that could be used for demonstration purposes? Simply uploading some files won’t do the trick I guess :sweat_smile:
BTW I have a 3700x and 16GB of ram available on a separate system, that will be used for the project.

Thank you very much for your input!

I think the function which generates the highest initial load is the preview generator function. If you scan the existing file system, it generates preview images for all existing file systems. Check-out the Preview Generator app for further details.