Run one collabora instance for two nextclouds?


is it possible to run two nextclouds connected to one collabora docker instance? Or do I need to run two docker containers?



My guess would be that you have to run 2 containers, because you have to specify the nextcloud domain name as environment variable. It does not look like you could specify more than one domain.

It is true that you can pass only one domain as environment variable, but nothing prevents you from connecting to the container. There you can make changes to /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml and commit the changes.


Thanks for pointing me to that config file!

@timar @jakob42
no, you can pass more then one domain, I do that currently for 3 nextcloud-domains and they are working all together…
the syntax in the startup command is:
-e “||


Thanks for the info! :thumbsup:

Great, thanks! Really helpful.

I made a pull request to change the official documentation on that. But @dev0, I guess your syntax might be slightly wrong as well, since you also allow access to the domain I came up with this clunky version, that generates a correct /etc/loolwsd/loolwsd.xml:

-e 'domain=cloud\\.nextcloud\\.com\|second\\.nexcloud\\.com'

@jakob42 so you mean the missing backslashes? this boardsoftware removed them somehow by itself and I forget to look after it. On my instance they are set.