Run nextcloud on a vps and store files on a shared web host

I was wondering if it is possible to install nextcloud on a vps and store the files on a shared web host, bluehost, because bluehost offers unlimited storage but has slow performance. This way I can have nextcloud running faster with more customization constidering I have access to the terminal with the vps, and store the files on bluehost with unlimited storage. Storage cost add up on a vps.

You know Unlimited storage isn’t really unlimited right? Refers to their Acceptable (or Fair) Use Policy to learn more what they means by that.

GENERALLY speaking those activities that is storage related (like yours, storing backups, video storage and sites focused on storing contents) are strictly prohibited.

Your better off getting a cheap old dedicated server with a HDD or two and using that as the “remote store”.

What sort of remote file access to you have to bluehost?

I can access the files through cpanel file manager

I am aware of this and I’ve been running nextcloud on their hosting for awhile now and they haven’t said anything about it so far.

In order to store Nextcloud data there, you would need to have access either via one of Nextcloud’s external storage types, or by mounting a remote folder from the VPS and putting Nextcloud’s data folder on it. Options would include:


Also bear in mind some of these protocols are not natively encrypted.

I am able to create a web disk which is probably webdav for the nextcloud data folder from the cpanel on bluehost. This should work right?

As WebDAV is supported as mentioned you could try that indeed.

You should be able to go either route if you can mount WebDAV (mount on host or through Nextcloud).

Most likely since they have full control on the VPS end it’s would probably make more sense to mount there.

WebDAV in Cpanel is the way to go if you want full compliance on the Nextcloud end. Keep in mind, uploading files via sftp or ftp directly to your web disk will be much faster!

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is sftp or ftp possible with a shared host?

It is in the cpanel systems I’ve used. Your mileage may vary, but try asking your service assistance chat (if you can) to confirm.

I have no idea. I assume it depends on the host. I host my own, so I never use them.