Run FTP backups to Nextcloud server?

I’m curious if it is possible to run backups through FTP and use Nextcloud as storage?
Is it possible to connect with FTP to an account?

Thanks in advance.

No, Nextcloud only supports WebDAV for direct connections. But maybe you can tell us in one or two short sentences what your use case is and some details about your environment. In return we could suggest possible solutions, like e.g.

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It was just an idea to run automated backups of our systems through Plesk which we use to partition our VPS’es for different web apps and roles.

Plesk only supports natively FTP it seems:
So that idea is unfortunately a goner.

But it still a nice idea I think to be able to connect and automate with Nextcloud. My 5 cents though. :+1:

There is of course other ways to do this.

Thanks anyway for your kind assistance! :smiley:
Kind regards

Thanks for your help in explaining this. :facepunch:

What was I supposed to explain? There was no question in your previous post.

I just said thank you… That’s all.

Ah sorry, my mistake. :grimacing: You’re welcome, of course. Glad I could help. :slight_smile:

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