Rsync + occ files:scan, odd sharing behaviour

Not so much a support request as a curiosity.

I rsync’d (-a) my data from one NC install to another, then ran a files:scan on the destination.

It brought everything in in record time as always, and naturally all prior shares were no longer shared. When attempting to share them again, I received an error saying it wasn’t possible to “reshare” the folders and the link area stayed greyed out.

I’ve since moved all contents of the folder to another, deleted and recreated the folder and moved the contents back. This is now fine.

So I’m curious, does NC attach some meta info to the folders/files that would indicate they’re shared? I figured all of that was handled in the database.

All the sharing takes place in the database. It depends on the configuration of your NC if resharing is allowed or not. For external storage, you need to allow resharing seperately.

As it’s internal storage and sharing is allowed, I guess I’ll put it down to a glitch :slight_smile: