RSS Reader alternatives?

Been holding back on NC28 for some time since the News app isn’t supported on 28 yet, but I am considering removing the News app to be able to use the current versions of NextCloud. It doesn’t appear that there is a lot of active development on the news module from Github.

Since I am a big fan of RSS and like to follow some projects and news sources that way which is way less intrusive than active notifications I would love to see what people use for this. Are there any alternatives that work well with NextCloud?

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ummm as I almost never used news-app I don’t remember what it’s made for aka: what you would need it for.

Afaik you could enable a RSS-feed from the activity app and access it with every RSS-reader

It’s the other way around. The News App is the RSS reader for external RSS feeds.

Was nice to have it included in the NextCloud interface. But might have to go back to a separate reader.

oh well… i now got your point… and well, I’m afraid there won’t be any other included RSS.reader with NC. At least not so far (and I doubt there will be one in the future)

But I just took a look to the github home of said app and I see developpment is taking place, still.
So you beloved app will be back… :wink:

It is only the web interface that is broken, the app itself is working. I have been using it on NC 28 with the Android News app, I am reading the feeds without issues, it is one of my most used app. Long live RSS!

Yeah. The mobile is pretty good. But I am not so keen to do too much reading on the mobile. Trying to spend less time on the small screen.

Might have to head back to TinyRSS.

Apparently, the news module supports OPML exports. But for the life of me - I can not find that option anywhere.

Yeah - had been checking for a while - been trying to hold on. But it’s been in Alpha since December last year and there isn’t much movement.

And being held back on everything else is starting to become the bigger issue.

Ended up using FreshRSS ( which it’s much less hassles to get going over Docker.

And I am on the lastest Nextcloud release now and nothing holding back any patches.

Just for those who may at some point find this thread.

I too am a fan of RSS and albeit I like the NC RSS app, it is currently not getting the love it needs. I find that the mobile app is fairly reasonable for my needs but that the current re-write on the server is slow and does not have a lot of the previous options working, making it a subpar solution. There is a bit of hacking one can do to keep the old version working but the Devs are not recommending people to to do them, as a way to incentivize the re-write forward.

A while back I started running a FreshRSS instance, and it is a night and day experience. Which makes sense, since it is a full-on RSS solution. Like OP, I too suggest that if you find the RSS app lacking --at least as of this writing-- that FreshRSS is a great alternative.

There are a couple of Android and iPhone apps that can be used for it.

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Same feelings here, so after reading your post, and not full satisfied using Thunderbird for rss reading, I found
RSS Guard
I will give it a try

rss rulez!

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