RSS Problem - can't sync

Hello everyone,

i hope someone can help me with my problem.
My nextcloud: version: 11.0.1, running on a hosting package
Following problem:
I installed the news app and added some feeds. I also changed the backround job from ajax to webchron to have the possibility to update the feeds.
But when i call mynextcloud.domain.tld/cron.php I get a success message: {“status”:“success”}! The problem appears in the news app: Nothing has changed and i only have the old news from the first import of the feed.
How can I fix this problem?

Some help would be great I can also give you additional information. Thanks a lot!

Ajax and webcron are unsupported, check the readme :wink:

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Well, would be great to have it supported then. :grin: I can just speak for myself but could imagine a lot of people running Nextcloud on a shared server run into the same problem.

It was supported but turned out to be unusable. If you have issues on a shared host, don’t use one