Rotating images in 90-degree increments

Is there a way to rotate images on Nextcloud server via a button that auto rotates in 90-degree increments? When I look on my Nextcloud instance I just see a scroll wheel which is pretty hard to use to get it just right.

Here is an example of what I was wanting to do… That’s for the IOS app though.

Photos does have an editor, maybe that is what you need: GitHub - nextcloud/photos: 📸 Your memories under your control

I have the photos app on my Nextcloud instance, but it doesn’t let you lock on rotating images in 90-degree increments. You have the slider, but it’s hard to get it to rotate in 90-degree increments. Most photo apps have a single button that can rotate an image by 90-degrees.

Sounds like a good feature suggestion for that app! :+1:

Yeah, I just created a new enhancement request on GitHub… Add ability to rotate images in 90-degree increments · Issue #1726 · nextcloud/photos (

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