Room booking from client (e.g. Thunderbird)


I set up the resource management and can now book a room from the NC calendar interface.

Is is also possible to book a room from a client software (Thunderbird, Evolution, …)?
I tried to add the room by using the mail address of the room (it does not really exist but I thought then NC can map it to the correct room). In the NC interface there is an added attendee but it is not in the resource tab. And when adding a second event (in the interface then) the Checking availability of it never changes.

And is there any difference in the behavior between NC 22 & NC23?

Found out one more thing:
The CUTYPE has to be CUTYPE=ROOM, then everything seems to work

How I checked:

  1. exported a meeting created in evolution where the room mail address was added as participant to .ics
  2. modified the ATTENDEE field by hand from CUTYPE=INDIVIDUAL to CUTYPE=ROOM
  3. imported it again

This means, that the client has to implement, that I have more options for the CUTYPE… (evolution only has RESOURCE I think…
ROOM also seems to be an official one according to RC 5545.


Seems to work as soon as it is possible to set CUTYPE=ROOM. Opened an issue for that.


In Thunderbird when adding a participant as type ROOM the ics entry looks like this


The calendar then never “books” the room. Problems might be the RSVP field in combination with NEEDS-ACTION and the missing SCHEDULE-STATUS (RFC 6638).