Rock64 headless setup difficulties (can't find boot partition, doesn't DHCP)

Hi All,

I’m trying to install nextcloudpi (for headless use) on a Rock64 I picked up. There are two issues I’m facing (that may be interlinked).

After going through the installation instructions, downloading the Rock64 image from here and burning to an SD card (attempts made with both etcher and dd) - I can’t find a boot partition on which to place the ssh file to enable ssh for headless configuration. I’ve tried placing the ssh file in /boot on mmcblk0p1* - but this doesn’t seem to work.

* (there is no mmcblk0p0 like there is if i try to burn a pi image)

If I attach an ethernet cable and power on, I don’t see the machine make any DHCP requests. I didn’t try hooking up a mouse/keyboard (since I don’t happen to have one handy) but connecting an HDMI display I do see that the machine boots immediately to a shell login prompt (for nextcloudpi’s password) so the system DOES boot.

I’m hoping someone can offer some insights on differences in the Rock64 image that may be out of tune with docs that explain what I’m seeing.


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