Robust File Access Control

When I use the term robust for the feature I have in mind I do so because there are some options in place for controlling access to files. However they seem limited and sometimes needs to be done in less than ideal ways.
Essentially I would expect this to be a top priority in any sort of cloud/file sharing system and maybe there is already something in the works I am not aware of, apologies if so.

I envision an admin menu or a view for each folder/file where you can select a user name, user group, etc. and then specify what permission(s) they have, read, create, change, delete, etc.
Without something fairly straightforward like this built into the core I find it hard to believe Nextcloud would ever be used by major corporations.

I will likely add more details to this if there is a conversation here but so far my research has not found anything capable of limited access to folders based on roles at my workplace. e.g. admin can access everything and then a user group can access some things but not all.

Maybe this can help you

Its only for Group Folders but still better than nothing

Much appreciated @Rastislav_Karaba that sounds like what I was hoping for.

I should also add that I love what Nextcloud does as it is, it is a very awesome system, I was not trying to complain but rather looking at the needs for the business I work at and this was a main point for me not to implement it company wide. I appreciate and understand how much work and complexities go into coding a system with this many features and capabilities. Now I cannot wait to use 16!