Roadmap for Nextcloud 20

Hi all,

I’ve upgraded to Nextcloud 19 yesterday, smooth as usual :slight_smile:
Getting a setup warning since then “Nextcloud 19 is the last release supporting PHP 7.2. Nextcloud 20 requires at least PHP 7.3.”.

Question. As my preferred distribution OpenSuse Leap is on PHP 7.2.5 currently, when is Nextcloud 20 planned to be released?



there are 3 active Releases at a time, so around 09/2020 i think.

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I’ve bookmarked your link, THANK YOU !!

You should ask how long NC 19 is supported (except you really need a function in the new version). NC 19 is supported until 07/2021, so this gives you a time frame to upgrade your operating system.

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Leap 15.1 will be end of life by Nov’20 (to my knowledge).
You will have to update to 15.2 and 15.2 runs php 7.4
So, you will be good to go with NC20 if you wish.

Take care.

It’s currently scheduled for beginning of October: