[Risk Takers] Help us test 26.0.0 release client on NextcloudPi

Hello ncp gang with servers to spare and @bug-hunters ,

Please help us in testing NextcloudPi with the latest 26.0.0 release client update process. Please do note this is experimental and only recommended for those able to spin up a non-production instance for possible breakage. We could use feedback and testing! If you run into zero problems, that is also good to know in regards to your specific installation method, but expect the worst when beta testing :smiley_cat:

Your help is greatly appreciated with testing the 26 migration on:

  • VM
  • SD card images
  • Curl script installation process
  • 32-bit systems

Send your feedback to our on-going thread on Github here if you are able to do this. Please do not test on a production instance you care about. Thank you for your consideration!