Rightsmanagement, ACL, Admin User access to all files

I want to use nextcloud for our small Company.
I read that it is necessary to check the File and folder access before upload the files to the nextcloud.
It is important the a Admin user has access to all files and folders, also the personal user home directory.

What I have to do for this setup?

Regards Arthur

I’m not sure what you mean by that. Perhaps you can elaborate or provide a link to the article or post where you read that…

By default, Nextcloud admin users do not have access to the “home” folders of other users (of course, server admins who have access to the server’s file system and database will have access to everything), but maybe the following app will cover your use case: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/impersonate

sorry, I don’t found the article now.
I think in Groupfolders it is important that the Admin User Group has access.

OK, the Linux Server Admin has access to all files and folders.

If I upload the data to the nextcloud, how can I make a normal folder to groupfolder?

If a user has access to a Groupfolder, has he automatically access to all subfolders and files?

Regards Arthur

You must be an Admin user to create group folders. So, yes, unless an Admin user intentionally authorizes a group folder only for a specific group that Admin users are not members of, those group folders will also appear in the Admin users’ home folders. And, of course, these permissions can always be changed later on.

…via command line, yes, but not via the Nextcloud UI. However, Admin users can of course reset a user’s password or, as I said in my previous post, use the Impersonate app to impersonate another user.

You can’t. Group folders appear as separate folders next to the user’s personal files and folders.

By default yes, but afaik you can also create group folders inside of another group folder and then set different permissions on those “sub” group folders.

Please no.

Set user quota to 0 bytes and use “Group folders”. Then all users must copy all files to “Group folders”. Only that is compliant with data protection. Private data is none of the Amin’s business.

Ok, I try it and give you a feedback.