Rich editing in Talk messages

Hereby propose to implement rich editing in Talk messages. Like e.g. Telegram or especially in MS Teams offers: hyperlink creation/editing/removal, italic, bold, underline, strikethrough, code view (snippet like in Slack with appropriate syntax highlight would be appreciated), normal text (remove formatting), text colors, tables, alignment, insert/replase inserted image, etc. Does new Nextcloud 22 allow all these?

Basic would be nice, but as Frank Karlitschek claims Talk to be replacement for several other apps, then we people expect not less than other apps already have. E.g. Microsoft Teams (actually whole Microsoft and, or Office 365) is very much used nowadays and if Nextcloud Hub, including Talk would like to take over, then users just expect much more than plain text… It is like using black-white TV and then comes color TV… Why Talk is offering still “black-white TV”, while it is like from past century and not from this one…

Well. While you’re not entirely wrong, that’s of course a very exaggerated way of putting it.

Such features are for me rather in the category “nice to have” and I’m not saying that they should not be implemented. But if such things are used as an argument to continue using M365, then that is probably more of an excuse than a real argument not to use it. Data sovereignty and privacy are then apparently not worth very much to these people.

On the other hand, it is of course easier to “sell” a solution that is on par with the big providers and therefore solutions like Nextcloud should of course try to keep up with them, even with rather unimportant features. However, a project like Nextcloud does not have the same resources as a big company like Microsoft. MS probably has more people working full time on concepts for user experience and design than Nextcloud GmbH has working on the entire project. But Nextcloud is OSS and you can of course make pull requests if a feature is important to you.

Believe me, there are much more than MIcrosoft resources. The main argument is still functionality. We know, that Nextcloud is mainly used on-premise and therefore it is not matter of resources.
Sorry, not developer, will not make any pull request. This is not a solution, that if you need, then develop yourself. Then people just wont use FLOSS, if it not functional. Also in my university, MS Office 365 is used mainly. I try to convince to use Nextcloud, but it seems that I’m failing.