⚓ Rhein-Main Nextcloud community

Die Rhein-Main Nextcloud-Community trifft sich zum gemeinsamen Verbessern von Nextcloud. Design, Programmierung, Übersetzung, Verbreitung, Fehler finden, etc – jeder der aktiv werden möchte, ist eingeladen! Also bringt eure Laptops mit! :slight_smile:

The Rhein-Main Nextcloud community meets to improve Nextcloud. Design, programming, translation, finding bugs, spreading the word, etc – everyone who wants to get active is invited! So bring your laptops with you! :slight_smile:


do you guys meet on a special date? or even regularly on like the 3rd wednesday of a month?

To be honest, we were not meeting that often.
Mostly due to finding a right spot in the evening.
And nowadays with CoVid it of course even more problematic.