Review of Cloudamo Nextcloud, best decision ever!

This is my review of Cloudamo, as we host over 3 years now with them. As we all know, many times we only hear the negative about a company and rarely ever hear the good about them. I want to take some time and provide a thorough and fair review of our Nextcloud, file storage provider, Cloudamo. It hasn’t been 100% smooth, however 99.8% of the time, its been amazing.

We previously utilized home storage server and some other online services and were less than thrilled with both services, so this started me searching for a new home for our small company. After having discussions with my business partner on items to look for, I began the process of reading through some of the reviews.

Digging deeper into the options as well as engaging their sales, middle, and upper management in discussions especially regarding abuse/SPAM complaints (as it appeared some were harsh in their handling while others never responded to the complaints), Cloudamo became the winner.

I engaged cloudamo support, Tom T., in 2020 in a support ticket which then transferred to an email discussion. Tom was kind, professional, honest, open, and provided updates as they moved along with several changes to their service, especially the managed services aspect (which is what we utilize on our machines). Steve is extremely approachable with questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns. He was prompt with his replies and continues to provide valuable feedback and updates to the Cloudamo platform that we and others ask for.

With Tom assistance, our sales representative was able to get us an excellent deal to migrate into the platform and assured us our concerns were not needed, that we were in safe and capable hands. I found it easy to communicate with our assigned sales representative and they have been mostly responsive to questions. We do from time to time have to ask multiple times for a response, but we do eventually get it.

After some updates to the Cloudamo platform we asked for and watching how they performed through a hurricane that was slated to affect the area (which they performed flawlessly I might add. No noticeable impact and the live feed into the DC remained online through the height of the storm), we pulled the trigger in Q1 2020 to move to Cloudamo. Cloudao rolled out a managed services platform and included several features we were specifically looking for, which finally prompted us to move. We joined the Cloudamo“family” on February 2020. Dipping our toes into the water cautiously, we moved one of our primary servers into Cloudamo. This process went much smoother than I expected. The support agents were prompt, professional, paid attention to the details, and made the transfer quick. After reviewing the machine to ensure everything transferred correctly, we shutdown our services at our home and one other online provider and Cloudamo became our official home for all our files.

Now, probably thinking there’s a honeymoon period in here and you’d probably be right, but we ran into a few minor and annoying issues with the transfer that popped up after we started to bring the machine up to full steam. Support tickets were answered quickly, with meaningful responses (not the “thank you for the ticket an agent will be with you shortly.”), and we were able to resolve any outstanding issues quickly with minimal disruptions to our clients.

While we became more comfortable with the Cloudamo platform, we continued to host several of our other machines in different datacenters and with different vendors, for reasons :blush:. As we grew more comfortable with Cloudamo, their team, their datacenters, and their ability to provide trouble-free Nextcloud service, we migrated another one of our primary servers into their network (Q2 2021). This time we requested a geo-diverse facility than where our first machine was housed. Cloudamo handled this request without any fuss and provided near daily updates on the status of our new machine. They even provided a picture of the physical server in the rack with a little note. It sounds cheesy, but that was probably the coolest thing to see.

This server went online without incident and has been stable ever since.

Most recently, we transferred our final client out of A2 and brought them to Cloudamo. I will say this up front. This client has a rather detailed configuration and hosts multiple nextcloud installs from their server. They are one of the largest providers of medical and similar data. Their server is sensitive in nature due to the volume of traffic it receives and the volume of events they are responsible for around the world. But transfer went smoothly and without problems.

Support for nextcloud is extremally well, they will do all from upgrading, help with any kind of prolems, app install, migration, setup, SSL etc. They use cPanel to manage all, email is included, SSL also for free.

This was one of best decision for my and my friends, to move all to Cloudamo nextcloud managed services. All recommendations

nice read. Thanks for sharing your positive experiences with them.

Just one thing. I remember that cloudamo was several times mentioned on the forum, right. And that there were extremly bad entries about them as well.
Now it seems as if you have paid support. And maybe those bad reviews were about users with a free plan? I can’t remember, really.

Anyways. It’s just fair that you posted a positive review. Thanks again.

Disclaimer: I am in no way connected to cloudamo.

I have normal, paid service with them, I also know that they did have free service, but never used them, and by quick check most of reviews look like to be from free users.

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Years ago there was a free plan with Cloudamo. But i think they have stopped them. Sometimes it’s better to focus on your paying customers. Maybe someone can change the documentation.

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I have had similar good experience with Cloudamo. Paid plan in the US.