Retention app broken in 15

the retention app seems broken after updating from 14 to 15.

after first install of the app and creating an initial invisible tag, the tag shows up in the selection box of retention. I select the tag and set it to 1 day and submit. after submitting the just submitted retention doesn’t show up in the active list.

Anybody else having this issue too ?

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I see the same issue on my server. So the previous selected tab can no longer be selected, it vanished from the selection list.
I checked the database and can confirm, that the retention was created. The admin section just doesn’t show that and therefor the retention cannot be removed via the admin section of retention.

Could you open an issue on Github please and reference your issue here?

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Hi Schmu,

thanks for confirming!

issue reported on github

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Hi, I have the same problem, installed today!

Just an update:
The issue gixxxer referenced has been closed, because there was another issue in the correct repository already. For updates on this problem and possible solutions, have a look here:

We have the same Problem.
NC-Version 15.0.4

The problem has not been fixed yet. Tested through many ways and installations with same behavior. The retention is created in database, but doesn’t appear in the admin section.

We’re facing the same issue and would need this feature pretty urgently.

Any idea when this will be fixed? Anything we could help so this get fixed (logs, etc)?

Hi again,

with 15.05 installed, we still can not get it to work.
The tags work fine, we can add new rules etc. and we can see all the configuration in the webinterface.
But none of the files get deleted.
We tested upload via nextcloud Windows client and Webinterface - no difference.
We tested differend rules (smaller than; bigger than) - but still none of the files get deleted.
We tested with different retention - 1 and 2 days (we would need 1 day).
All files get tagged properly and the chron-job is running every 15 minutes.

Any ideas where we could check or what we have to change to get this work as designed?
What are we missing?